Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed! review and discount

Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed!

Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed! description

Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed! A roadmap to financial prosperity, was written to assist anyone who wishes to prosper and live the American dream. this book has the ability to be transformative; whether a reader is Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist. Blending humor, personal anecdotes, proverbial wisdom, and biblical references, Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed! is a readable guide towards achieving prosperity throughout life's various stages. Rabbi Celso blends Godly wisdom and common sense, offering practical solutions that the Jewish people have used for thousands of years to build and strengthen their financial standing. He also highlights the pitfalls of many of our culture's poor spending habits, even though they've become accepted practices in today's world. "It makes no sense that someone would volunteer to be a slave, but that's exactly what's happening in the United States today," says Rabbi Celso. "Far too many people are signing up to become slaves to their credit card companies." Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed! is a program of simple, but essential steps that Rabbi Celso believes will forever change the way people look at their finances, and handle their money. He discloses the eternal truths behind the oldest financial system in history, the one that has survived the test of time: the Jewish approach to financial management. The book, designed to offer practical advice that has the ability to lead to prosperity, also serves as a method for improvement in all people. The text discusses a variety of subjects and works to tie in financial and social strategy with the ability to create wealth and lead a positive life founded in solid values, spirituality, and self discipline.
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Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed! features

  • Get out of Debt
  • Questions Answered by a Jewish Millionaire
  • Working with the Forces of the Universe
  • Negotiation: Connecting to Another Soul
  • Millions at your fingertips

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